Make sustainability part of your business model

When you make sustainability a core part of your mission, you encourage lasting, meaningful change. The current business landscape does not prioritize sustainability, so you will need to think outside the box to make your company more eco-friendly. You should use social media to reach consumers who are looking for environmentally sustainable products. This article […]

How to Start a Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Starting a new small business? Find out where to start and how to succeed. You want to make sure you prepare thoroughly before starting a business, but realize that things will almost certainly get messy. To run a successful business, you must adapt to changing conditions. Conducting in-depth market research on your sector and the demographics of […]

How much will your 401k cost?

If you’ve even thought for a minute about saving for retirement, chances are you’re familiar with the 401(k) savings plan. You may know that, for example, a 401(k) is a type of “defined contribution plan,” and you may know that it receives special tax treatment from the IRS. You may also remember some of the rules regarding […]

How to calculate my Social Security income

There’s a lot of doom and gloom these days about Social Security’s solvency – or lack thereof. And regardless of whether you feel your Social Security future is secure, the fact is that you shouldn’t plan on living off your Social Security benefits. After all, Social Security wasn’t designed to make up a retiree’s entire income. However, […]

What is a Retirement Calculator?

For a working person, envisioning the golden years of retirement can be both easy and difficult. We may fantasize about international adventures or beachside escapes, but rarely do we financially lay the groundwork to make our retirement dreams a reality. Finally, there are more immediate concerns: jobs, kids, mortgage payments, car payments – the list goes on. […]

Top 10 Money Management Tips

1: Know your money priorities Before budgeting, you need to determine your priorities. If you skip this crucial step, you won’t buy into your financial plan. You need to focus on aligning your money goals with your money habits. That focus is most important in your life, right now. Do you have credit card debt that just makes […]

What is a passively managed fund?

Passively managed funds are a pool of investment instruments that rarely change, as they track an established benchmark such as the S&P 500. Passively managed funds do not try to beat the market like actively managed funds. Learn more about passively managed funds and how you can use them in your portfolio. Definition and examples of […]

Why is investment important?

Not everyone saves for retirement, and even those who do don’t save nearly enough to see them through their retirement years. A 2020 Federal Reserve study shows that about 25% of non-retirees are not saving for retirement. However, everyone needs to invest to build wealth, beat inflation, and save for retirement and other financial goals. No need […]

What is a good investment?

A good investment fits your financial goals and risk tolerance and makes money. What you can do with what you have, your comfort with risks and what works for you are all investments. One person’s good investment may be another person’s bad investment. Learn more about identifying your financial goals and deciding which types of investments will […]

How to Create Your Income Investment Strategy

Do you need to build a portfolio that will generate cash? Are you worried about paying your bills and having enough income right now and need an extra income stream? If so, you should consider using an old investment technique – income investing. Income investing is the practice of designing a portfolio of investments that will give […]

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